The Shop


Our mission is to offer clean, quality tattoo work at a reasonable price to local and surrounding communities. The owners offer a combined 20 years of experience in the art of designing and applying tattoos as well as a love of what we do.

Like other forms of expression, tattoos range from the deeply emotional to the purely whimsical.  We urge our clients to remember the tattoo is a profound and permanent mark deserving of careful consideration, skill in application and patience.  We aim for ourselves and our clients to be informed and satisfied with the art we provide now so they may be happy for a lifetime.

Walk-ins are welcome. Be comfortable while we get your tattoo ready. We can tattoo one of our designs or yours, draw while you wait, or make an appointment for a large piece.

Rest assured you are safe in our clean studio. We use sterile equipment and new needles every time. Our autoclave sterilizer is monitored by an independent laboratory.

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